X Factor Use Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage is now being used by the world renowned X Factor television show to attract contestants and tell them how to get to them.

Their solution is a lorry that has a massive video wall on an hydraulic ram that raises the massive screen up in to the air – why? I hear you ask.

Well there is nothing worse than driving to a destination having an arrival time in mind and running late, trying to get in the right lane at the roundabouts and not knowing how far you are away from the destination- you can use a satellite navigation unit but how many times have I entered a sporting event destination only to be directed to the delivery entrance which is normally at the rear of the stadium and does not allow the public to enter!

Well the locations are mostly well known and normally just off a major motorway network, for example when they had their auditions at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club, they had on the last exit heading to Salford the lorry with the X Factory logo and directions on the next screen.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming more commonly used from in hair salons who are using digital posters to outdoors in train stations where all passengers are a target for marketing messages, an outdoor LCD enclosure are being deployed.

The UK is still a way behind the USA in actual digital signage installations, but the UK market is certainly making the right moves to increasing their presence in the outdoor and indoor digital signage arena.

The same video walls are being used by Banks and Churches to promote their services and products to people in specific areas and by targeting them directly they have a larger increase in people taking up their offer.

The static walls (with out the lorry attached) have been deployed at large corporate head quarters so you know you have arrived when you get their and on the entrances to Universities.

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