Is UK Outdoor Digital Signage Catching Up The US Market?

Outdoor digital signage is massive and no more so than in the USA, now is the UK catching up the American market?

It is reported that the digital outdoor signage in the United Kingdom is rising and fast, but will it rival the US market, this we will have to see.

It has been reported that in the last 3 months to July revenue from digital signage has increased some 16.9% compensating for the loss in the previous year. The resulting rise makes the outdoor digital signage market worth around £29 million.

So does this mean that digital out of home advertising is out of the recession? Well speaking to many integrators they do not seem to have been troubled by the economic down turn.

One thing is for sure, the outdoor digital signage market will increase in the United Kingdom on the build up to the Olympics in 2012 then it will slow down, due to the amount of potential through the global media coverage of this world renowned sporting event, where all the worlds’ top athletes compete for the ultimate in sporting accolades.

After the sporting event who knows? As many organisations are already planning their outdoor advertising campaigns now for the next 3 years and securing funding on it.

We all know that the small island will never equal the might of digital signage in America due to the physical size of the country; the population in the UK is equal to the joined population of only two American States, Texas and California.

But overseas businesses will have to wait in anticipation for the Olympics in 2012 to see how the DOOH advertising market succeeds and profits the UK market.

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