Digital Advertising In The Retail Sector

One of the key industries to come out of the recession quickest is digital signage, as you can appreciate all business need advertisements to get people to buy their products, this goes for all businesses from car dealerships to the local shops, discover why the retail sector is using digital signage, this was once thought of as just outdoor digital signage.

With advancements in the digital signage technology has made it even more cost effective for businesses to deploy indoor as well as outdoor digital signage. The key reason digital signage is used is to promote or market a product or service, now the solutions on the market range from small digital poster that are available in sizes from 17” up to a whopping 70”, or alternatively there are the digital menu boards these are intended for restaurants to advertise their menu, these systems are different in that the media player is a standalone unit and the content can be updated remotely using the internet, these are perfect for the retail sector due to the ease of control and monitoring the media.

Product Promotions.
Retailers are finding that static posters and flyers are reducing in effectiveness; this is the reason for them investigating digital signage. However the options are available for any size company to roll out or use digital signage, for example a digital poster could be used in your local fish and chip shop to advertise their menu to the likes of a retailer who has blue X days, here they are using digital signage to up sell on sales day maximising profits for the retailer.

We are seeing this technology now even being used at gas stations and petrol stations using outdoor digital signage to get customers into their onsite shop or convenience store, by delivering tempting promotions to the customer as they fill up with fuel.

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