The Travel Industry Welcomes The Digital Signage Technology

Digital signage is has been used in airports for the past 10 year and the vertical or portrait orientation is the standard they use.

Whenever anyone outside the industry discusses dynamic signs they always come to airports as an example, this is due to airports being at the forefront of the digital signage technology and have successfully deployed billboards.

The travel industry is well aware of the influence digital signage has had on traditional forms of giving passenger information and how it enhances the travellers experience. You can now use interactive signs to book tickets, check your baggage in as well as your self and be informed of new security measures.

Airports and the travel industry realise that employees can be replaced by kiosks that are more reliable, never having sick days or holidays. Leaving employees to deal with traveller’s problems, giving them more time and an effectively positive experience.

Travelling for pleasure or for business is a matter of getting people from A-B as fast as possible with minimal effort.

For airport authorities, this relatively new technology makes the airports a more secure environment and allows the displays to be used should an incident occur.

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