Real Time Messaging and Wayfinding.

When anyone mentions airports and digital signs, they will all think of the arrivals board where the check-in desk is displayed or the relevant destination. But this is not the only use of the signs.

A fantastic use of the new technology is wayfinding, this is where you get off the plane and go to collect your baggage, this is a strange airport and the signs guide you to baggage collection, along the way they also display local hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

When dynamic signs introduced touch screens, this integration allows new visitors to any location that uses this sort of application the perfect opportunity to discover the location even before entering the foyer.

So a traveller who is hunger, could check out the departure times of a train and then checkout the restaurants and pick the restaurant they prefer nearest to them. While they are eating they are kept up to date with departure times an gate changes automatically by the use of RSS feeds, removing any human intervention.

Even LCD enclosures are equipped with touch screen connectivity, so the display is secured inside the enclosure on the mounting frame and secured with security bolts, then a 5 wire interactive layer is attached to the front viewing window giving anyone who touches the screen total control.

This is one of the best ways to protect LCD and plasma TV’s, to house the display in a secure TV housing.

This post is brought to you by Graham of LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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