Digital Signage used in Education.

Digital signage is always evolving, with one company developing a digital signage solution in the form of a video wall that is actually part of the curriculum.

The video wall consists of 3 x 3 displays, each 40” in size, powered by a digital signage media server.

The video wall is primarily used to showcase student’s talented work, broadcasting their content based videos to the general public. Designed for the students, they now drive the video wall with the content they create during class.

Is this the way to go for PFA schools in the UK? Well we have already seen an increase in LCD TV installations providing visitors with school information, such as how the school is performing in their “league tables”, who is the class of the week, who’s the pupil of the month, also to display artwork and podcasts.

Without this investment, surely the next generation will lag behind the technology gap? Or maybe not, one thing is for sure, is that if an LCD or Plasma TV is installed into a school, some sort of protective plasma and LCD enclosure is needed. If you do not lock the TV away in a secure TV enclosure, how will you protect a plasma and LCD television?

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