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Digital signage has begun to infiltrate our daily lives. Digital out of the home advertising (DOOH)and digital signage can be found in many locations, almost everywhere we go.

A growing number of companies are making greater use of digital signage outdoors, where it may potentially be viewed by hundreds more potential customers than were it fixed inside.

Though it is not overly complex technology there are several challenges that have to be addressed when considering using an outdoor digital signage system as part of an advertising or information campaign.

The weather is possibly the biggest challenge to be faced when mounting digital signage. Although some areas may have fairly predictable weather patterns, most do not. Potentially the delicate and expensive LCD or plasma monitor that displays the advertisements will be subjected to both extreme heat and freezing cold, both of which can seriously damage the function of the equipment.

One solution to this problem is to invest in a digital signage enclosure, a sealed unit that encases the monitor and has the capability to cool and heat the delicate digital signage system, as well as keep it safely sealed away from moisture.

These tough, secure LCD enclosures also help address another of the largest concerns that face those who choose to use digital signage outdoors. Vandalism is a fact of life. This is nothing new to the 21st century; vandals have been making mischief forever. By sealing the digital signage system in a good enclosure, the equipment is safe from damage, and even from graffiti, which is on the rise again in many cites. All a would be graffiti artist can affect is the enclosure, not the machinery within.

Placement of the outdoor signage system is another consideration. To be most effective, equipment should really be placed within easy eye level of the average adult consumer. If it is a larger display, such as those seen in New York’s Times Square, those are often catchy enough to be viewed from any height or angle.

As the equipment and technology needed to make great use of digital signage to promote a business or service decreases in cost, it is certain that we can expect to see many more such signs popping up everywhere, advertising all manner of goods and services, or perhaps just providing the everyday information we need, such as news and the weather (accompanied by advertisements of course)

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