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In an ever tightening economy, more retailers everywhere are looking for ways to cut operating costs, but they still need to advertise to attract customers and then retain their interest until the sale is finally closed.

Many retailers have traditionally spent large amounts of money on heavy TV and newspaper advertising campaigns. These are fine for reaching the consumer in the comfort of their own home, but how do you actually get them into the store, and more importantly, have them complete the purchase of the items in the advertisement.

Many of us go to the store with a shopping list. Then most of us also find ourselves purchasing a number of items that were not on that list, just because we happened to see and want them right then when we are in store. This is impulse buying, and just the kind of behavior retailers want to encourage.

This is where the use of digital signage and point of purchase digital out of home advertising is producing such great results for forward thinking retailers. The placement of effective digital signage around the store, and even at the checkout, reminds the consumer what they came to the store to look for, reinforcing the message sent out by the newspaper ad, but also suggests a myriad of products that the consumer may have overlooked, or not even realized they were interested in until they saw the dynamic little ad displayed on the LCD or plasma screen in the store.

The use of effective digital signage displays can also cut down on the staffing costs for some retailers. Take for instance the video game department. By installing an interactive digital signage kiosk that provides information about any game that the store sells at the touch of a button, as well as enticing screen shots of the game, the need for a number of employees to assist customers in their decisions is reduced. The digital kiosk is the salesman; you do not need to employ several human ones, as was necessary in the past perhaps. Just as many large retailers are cutting down on the need for staff at the register by installing a number of self serve checkouts for customers to use, so are retailers able to cut down on the need for specially trained salespersons for a particular department in a large retail store.

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