Learn the Advantages of Digital Signage in Advertising.

Digital signage is a part of the fast growing industry known as out-of-home advertising. Since 2005, the industry has seen a 27% percent growth, or an additional US$1.26 billion spent by companies who had realized the effectiveness of this type of innovative advertising. But what makes digital signage effective to advertisers and consumers, as well?

Primarily, digital signage and other types of digital display are placed strategically where consumers make their decisions, such as on the counter and even product shelving.

Imagine a scene where a housewife is choosing which detergent soap she would actually buy from the selection of eleven detergent brands that are actually placed on a shelf. This scene is not uncommon today with more technology innovation enabling more start-up companies to actually compete against the Corporate giants. Now, let us go back to the housewife who is ready to make a purchase. She looks at the array of products and gets even more confused, as the packaging of each brand boasts the same benefits. With digital signage, an advertiser gets ahead of this game and stays ahead of the competition. With this type of advertising, the advertiser does not need to spend the same amount of money to compete with the giants to reach the consumer’s awareness. With digital signage placed conveniently within the product shelf, a start-up company is allowed to be closer to the consumer who is ready to purchase a product.

With the housewife seeing an advertisement of Brand A on the digital signage, it is highly probable that she would be prompted to pick up this brand over Brand B to K.

According to PQ Media, other factors that lead to the tremendous growth of digital signage among other forms and types of out-of-home advertising are as follows,

• It has a “higher engagement, targeting options, proximity to point-of-sale, measurable impact, and cost effectiveness”;
• People experience more brand recall among products that are shown in a digital display over brands that utilize traditional media;
• Consumers report that they are more engaged with and even view out-of-home advertisements as interactive and educational;
• Digital signage enables consumer to immediately reach a decision during purchasing and when buying

These are the reasons why digital signage had been popular and frequently used as an advertising medium. With its effectiveness and low cost to launch a campaign, it is no wonder that digital advertising will lead a revolution in promotion and marketing strategies.

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