Sunlight bright digital signage for Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising using sunlight bright digital signage.

If you are lucky enough to live in a sunny climate, then sunlight bright displays are most suitable for your digital advertising campaign. Competing with the glare of the sun on a hot day can often defeat the objective; as passing trade fail to be able to read or even notice the display screens. It can really hurt, or even damage the delicate eye, as the suns brightness is magnified – far more than the human eye can cope with. All that time, planning and effort will go to waste if the screen can not be seen.

Sunlight bright digital signageSunlight bright display.

Sunlight bright display enclosures provide a protective covering, which deflects the powerful suns rays of light, giving a clear and comfortable view of the screen. Digital signage is often displayed indoors too, where windows can also magnify the amount of sunlight directed at the screen. However, for this purpose, sunlight bright digital signage for outdoor advertising is the issue.

The screens are usually larger than domestic TV screens (around 70” plus) to capture the public’s attention, so what is the point in mounting it where the sunlight will affect its view-ability? The sensible option would be to change the location; however that is not always possible, so a specific screen will be used. The amount of ‘nits’, ie 2000, is suitable for most sun bright locations, like gaming areas, theme parks, shopping malls and public transport advertising. Having a display monitor which is back lit, also makes a difference to the clarity of the screen. There is nothing worse than shadows, glare, white-out and distorted images – all of which hurt your eyes.

Sun bright readable screens cleverly filter out the unnecessary additional light in the room and can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, bezels and mountings; something to suit all tastes, locations and budgets. Imagine this scenario; a visitors information display screen, in a theme park, next to a water attraction in the midday sun – the spray is going to work with the sun to obliterate the images on the screen – which could well be a key position for merchandise. This problem can be alleviated by installing sunlight bright digital signage. But be warned against just covering a basic screen with an anti-glare film – this won’t last long as it peels from one corner, is easily scratched or vandalised.

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Purchasing a sunlight bright digital advertising screen fulfils many applications which often include rolling script, video, both moving and static pictures, and media streaming. The screens are often used in remote access – meaning the content is altered, changed or updated in quick time, without the need for an engineer to attend site. There are even crisis moments where a screen needs to be clear and highly visible – particularly in the case of an emergency evacuation or procedure.

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