‘Tis The Season for Christmas Digital Signage

Gearing up for Christmas digital signage.

From November retailers are gearing up with mass promotions, particularly using Christmas digital signage as way of increasing sales, which is predicted to rise to a 3.7 percent increase over last years figures.

Christmas digital signage encompasses a myriad of shopping opportunities

Christmas digital signage

Christmas digital signage

From seasonal foods to high-end gadgets – all of which are perfect to display on a digital screen. This means that adverts and campaigns can be altered in ‘real-time’ to accommodate changing stock levels, price cuts and tastes in merchandise. On-line sales have accounted for a major share in shopping habits, but nothing beats the atmosphere, colours, sights and sounds of a shopping centre and high street. Not only shops use Christmas digital signage to encourage sales, but also restaurants, coffee chains and party venues find this method of advertising easy to attract customers. Hiring Christmas digital signage may be an option, or making an investment for year round advertising is economical sense. The content can be updated and scheduled either remotely or by a flash drive, depending on how many digital signage screens are being used.

Competition over the festive season is fierce and to find a way of attracting attention from prospective customers is crucial for boosting revenue and achieving sales targets. Converting browsers into spenders happens more within the store than on-line. Customers are intrigued by digital signage, as it is evolving at such a quick pace, that only a short while ago even a basic video screen was seen as innovative. Digital signage helps pass the time, also known as time warping, as people queue to be served and pay for their goods – this is where add-on sales can be displayed.

Even though stylish décor and seasonal staging contributes to a relaxing and festive mood, well placed digital signage screens will deliver your message in a way that traditional methods are outdated. Paper posters and billboards have been replaced with technical wizardry as screens portray a visual feast for the eyes. Background sound helps, but it depends on the situation – will it drown out the Christmas tunes or be competing with a neighbouring shop? Apparently around 70 percent of consumers surveyed, admitted to being aware of digital signage broadcasting videos of seasonal messages, adverts and promotions. This is quite a high number of potential customers.

Early October marks the start of Christmas marketing strategies, even though many of us shoppers moan that Christmas gets earlier every year! So deciding whether to start the tacky promotions early or risk missing out on lucrative sales by leaving it, can be the difference between success or failure. However digital displays provide the answer by scheduling tasteful advertisements from gentle hints at the coming season to full blown ‘in your face’ campaigns later in the festive period. Preparing the content would probably start 3 or 4 months before, depending on how small the store or large chain of stores are. Blending seasons together is another way of year round marketing; as Halloween blends with the start of Christmas…through to the New Year sales…. Really there is no reason to not be using a digital signage screen throughout the retail year.

For a cost effective solution, whatever size and budget and also either a temporary hire or permanent fixture for Christmas digital signage contact lcdenclosure.co.uk for your next promotional campaign.




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