The Pros of DOOH Signage

Understanding DOOH signage.

I say the ‘pros of DOOH signage’, because there really aren’t any ‘cons’! Apart from funding the hardware and creating the software, it is a huge money-making advertising market.

One issue to overcome, however is finding the right location:

  • Side of a building
  • In a shopping mall
  • Floor standing kiosk
  • Hung from a ceiling bracket at a music venue

The possibilities are endless. This article though is aimed at land owners and landlords of buildings, as they have the right to apply for permission to install external signage. We are all familiar with the traditional roadside paper-poster hoardings, but these have been revolutionised by technology: introducing the electronic digital signage screen. This can be one single screen or a tiled wall of LED panels, creating a massive and very effective screen. London has caught-on in the last year or so, but there is huge potential for growth in other major cities. The US has a major share of the market, as well as Asia, which is to be expected.

Deploying DOOH signage.

Location, location, location is crucial to a successful advertising campaign. Passing clients and potential customers need to see the screen to be influenced into making a purchase. From passing by in a vehicle, on a particularly slow moving road increases the potential for a sale, to walking through a car park on the way into the mall, and walking through the departure lounge of the airport; digital signage screens are everywhere.

The beauty of this type of DOOH (digital out of home) advertising is that it is kept up to the moment, no delays in altering or updating content, quick change results for obsolete stock, or unavoidable issues – offering an alternative at the click of a button.

interactive DOOH signage

So, what are the planning restrictions? Well, that does depend on your state or county: is it appropriate for the landscape? What impact will it have on the environment? These can’t be considered as ‘cons’, just factors to be resolved. Advertising is a multi-million dollar business and has a huge impact on the economy. Regular maintenance will keep the digital signs working to their full potential; cleaning of the LED panels and replacing no-working screens will provide a creative platform on which to advertise.

Building up into ‘free space’, for example a screen hanging from a link building or roof structure, or attached to the side of a large building is more cost effective than using expensive floor space. So as the owner of the building you are renting out space, which otherwise has no economic use, but can bring in a serious income for you. Just think of the icon buildings in Times Square NYC – it is more profitable to rent the outside wall space of certain buildings than to rent the offices within! (and with far less issues).

So, what is the next massive leap for dooh advertising….I know vehicle screens are being developed for lorries and tax-tops, it will revolutionise our landscape, without costing a fortune.

ProEnc has vast knowledge and experience supplying and installing DOOH signage across the UK and Europe.

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