Psychiatric Comfort Room TV protection

Comfort room TV protection.

A psychiatric comfortable room design is now integrating TV protection within the overall layout of the comfort room.

What goes into designing a psychiatric comfort room?

Let us look at what these comfort rooms are designed for so we can fully understand the implications of these rooms.

What is a comfort room?

These rooms are a location where patients can go and relax, as these rooms are designed to be calming to the senses. The patients in these areas can experience visual, sounds and touch stimuli helping them to become calm and grounded.

These rooms are furnished with furniture that is comfortable and pleasing to the senses ensuring that this is a safe haven or sanctuary from stress and concerns for the patient.

These comfort rooms are used as a tool to educate the individual of calming techniques in order for them to control the aggressive behavior one wharf one of the if go to the to and reduce their agitation. The main reason for using a comfort room is for the individual to learn practical skills that can be put in place at inpatient locations and after being discharged from care.

These psychiatric comfort room locations are specifically designed to prevent the use of seclusion or restraints, and these are to be used voluntarily are not enforced on the individual. These rooms are the last option before restraints and seclusion is enforced.

Considering the vulnerabilities in a comfort room.

comfort room tv protection

Now when designing a comfort room in a psychiatric or mental health unit the furniture within the room is an essential part of the experience when individual. There are several considerations to take into account when selecting the furniture for these rooms.

Usually bean bags are used as these are soft and if thrown will not harm any other individual, however psychiatric comfort room TV protection is one main concern as the TV if not protected could be smashed and the shards of glass used as a weapon in a moment of the rage from any individual.

Psychiatric Comfort Room TV protection.

When considering psychiatric comfort room TV protection the main objective is to protect the individuals at all times, especially in their most vulnerable state and this is why psychiatric comfort room TV protection is used.

The main considerations for psychiatric comfort room TV protection are ensuring that the flat screen TV cannot be reached by any individual who doesn’t have authorization. This means that any protective non loop TV housing must be a lockable and feature two high security locks and complete with ¼ inch thick Lexan viewing window. This level of security ensures that the individuals using the comfort room are kept safe whilst in our care.

DOOH Limited have many years’ experience manufacturing protective housings for electronic devices, but they also have U.S. Federal mental health approval for the non-loop TV enclosure that is specified for a psychiatric comfort room TV protection.

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