Climatic conditions that affect digital advertising hardware

Digital advertising protection.

There are many weather conditions that will affect and damage digital signage hardware so protection is paramount to any project for digital outdoor advertising.

What can affect the digital advertising hardware?

Digital advertising hardware consists of media players, cables and display to show the ads on, many people’s introduction to digital advertising for their business usually involves a TV and that is designed for home use and soon finds the restrictions of using this type of display. Also if the business owner deploys use these TV’s outdoors without protection there will certainly fail very quickly.

As well as the obvious physical issues such as someone stealing the screen, the climatic conditions that the advertising hardware is going into half to be considered too. In countries such as North America and Canada the weather conditions vary so widely, the hardware can be in one state in Florida at 105 degrees Fahrenheit are the same hardware could be in Canada at -20! So each location is individual and the necessary climatic conditions shall be considered and how you are going to protect the hardware from these conditions.

If the displays are media players are subjected to occasional snow and rain they will in a period of time begin to short out due to the moisture getting into the devices and as they get hot, they condensate causing the circuit boards on the motherboards to rust and fail.

How to protect digital advertising hardware.

digital advertising housing

One solution in protecting digital advertising hardware outdoors is by using a digital signage housing, these are designed specifically to protect the internal hardware from all weather conditions including snort and rain extremely high temperatures and sub-zero temperatures.

These digital signage housing solutions are usually equipped with a thermostatic heating system that will protect the hardware in in temperatures as low as -30° F. The best heating systems for digital signage housing are thermostatically controlled this makes sure no matter what the location is, the electronic devices inside of the digital signage housing are protected no matter what the cold temperature is outside the housing.

We also have to look at the cooling as this is as important as the heating systems, there are various ways to cool these housings however the most popular is using high air flow fan units, again the better LCD enclosure manufacturers offer these as a thermostatic controlled system, again the advertiser has total control of the elements within the digital signage housing.

Selecting the partner to provide a digital signage housing.

There are several manufacturers on the market of digital signage housings, there are others who claim to manufacture an actually resell an existing product from another manufacturer! But the real manufacture understand the requirements of the digital advertising industry and providing a digital signage housing complete with all the necessary protection such as; thermostatic heating and cooling system and toughened glass viewing window with an anti-reflective coating as well as high security door locks.

This prevents the advertiser having to buy costly extras to make the digital signage housing worked in their particular environment.

DOOH Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of LCD enclosures that are used to protect various digital advertising hardware products from the elements, their product range can be seen here.

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