Floor standing digital signage Middle East Project Win

Floor standing digital signage success.

2013 has been a very successful year for DOOH Limited, as another floor standing digital signage win, this time for a the Saudi Government.

DOOH Limited had an enquiry in June for 30 units for the Saudi Government , each unit had 42” non touch screens (touch screens are available), with a built in network enabled media player, so content can be updated quickly and remotely. These have been deployed in customer facing environments in 2 customer service areas within the Saudi government, to provide updates and information, then if clients need more information they can discuss it will a government employee.

In July DOOH Limited, they were awarded the contract for 30 units, with an additional 72 units over the next coming months.

This is part of a small project, with an additional 12 units being purchased every month for 6 months commencing in October 2013.

Floor standing digital signage specification.

floor standing digital signage

Floor standing digital signage hardware.

The floor standing digital signage can play audio, images and even video in most media formats, this gives the sign total flexibility and engages customers with valuable information in this government application.

The non touch units are also available with a USB media player for a single location, when the sign will not be part of a much larger digital signage network. The units are available in screen sizes 40”, 46” 50” and 65”.

Should a wall mounted unit be required, these are available in the same specification as above and are ideal for limited floor space applications. These can also be used for outdoor digital signage when deployed in our digital signage housings.

Applications for floor standing digital signage.

Due to the design, these units can be deployed in:

  • Hotels
  • Reception areas
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Banks
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants

For more information on our floor standing digital signage solutions, click here to see our portfolio.

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