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The days are dwindling now, when notices were pinned up outside the school gates; the innovative way to inform pupils and parents in school is digital signage. This displays much more information than the traditional paper methods and can be changed or altered at the mere touch of a button – how convenient!

Educational digital signage in the classroom

school digital signage

Image of school digital signage – source OneLan

Large display screens are an advantage to whole class learning, as the hardware used in school digital signage is robust enough to cope with the everyday rigors of school life, and can be set up via the teacher’s laptop. Of course it is in color, text can be changed to suit the lesson and access to the internet is easy to expand the tutorial.

How school digital signage reaches out

Digital signage in a familiar form does imply a method of broadcasting information, like services or brand advertisements, but it also has its place in education too. Further education facilities find it useful, as their campuses are more spread out on a larger site, so information can be displayed in real-time, updated/amended or altered at short notice, and let’s be honest; students are more likely to take note of a digital screen, rather than a piece of paper, which gets hidden in the bottom of their bag!

Utilizing an interactive display screen

As much as using this hardware in school digital signage is for the benefit of student’s education, it has a vital role to play for other reasons like emergency exit plans, extreme weather conditions or a transportation crisis; all of which is relevant in the life of a student and staff. An interactive display has the added feature of becoming a way-finding map for freshman and new staff – facing an unfamiliar campus is quite daunting. There are many other uses too, for an interactive display, like advertising the daily menu in the cafeteria, through to publicizing social gathering and activities after lessons. The cost of the hardware can be off-set against the advertising revenue which can be raised from renting ad. space on the digital posters, by associated partners ,local sports clubs, restaurants and community recreational events.

Where to locate an external digital poster

Consideration must be planned for the maximum benefit of an external digital poster; where will it be seen most? Can it be used for the benefit of the community? What are the logistics for locating it under the trees (will the power supply reach/need to be buried underground) and would local wildlife damage it? The external shell of the hardware is not weather proof, so can not be left out in all weather conditions and it will be affected by the temperatures; depending upon the area of the country. One main concern, commonly questioned is the safety of the viewing window. Floor standing kiosks are robust and as they are fully enclosed, the viewing window is fully sealed and watertight, however a wall mounted digital signage certainly needs protecting, as the screen is glass and a safety hazard, therefore a digital signage housing needs to accompany the display screen. Mounting outdoor digital signage onto a wall eliminates the need for digging up the ground, laying power cables and concreting the floor standing base, of a kiosk, into the ground – additional costs here, whereas a wall mounted outdoor digital signage screen only requires two holes drilling into a wall, where the power leads can be fed through and where the digital signage housing can be fastened to the wall.

So there are many things to think about regarding the hardware used in school digital signage, but companies specializing in protective enclosures, like DOOH Ltd, will expertly advise you of your requirements, ensuring your school digital signage works effortlessly.

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