Digital Signage and Way-finding.

Way-finding is a relative new concept for using digital signage, so much so Liverpool installed a new way-finding solution in their “Liverpool 1” area of the city, this integrates the historical old part of the city to the new vibrant shopping area.

Now imagine, you have parked your car near Liverpool 1 shopping area and you are in the centre of Liverpool, it’s supposed to be summer and you are in shorts and a T-shirt, when the heavens open and it rains hard! How do you find your way back? Do you try to stop someone in the rain? NO! All you do is go to the way-finding kiosks and touch the screen were Liverpool 1 is located and you are then given precise directions on how to get their.

Liverpool’s way-finding solution incorporates an LCD TV in an LCD enclosure, with a touch screen built in, it’s run on a wireless network so updates can be done quickly and on the fly.

Back to the rain scenario, seems bizarre, but it shouldn’t as this happened last weekend.

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