Using Digital Signage in Conference Facilities.

One of the main reasons businesses come back year on years to specific hotels that have conference facilities is the effective wayfinding methods for attendees, especially if the venue is large.

Conference hotels can host multiple events every day, meaning that the meeting and conference rooms change purposes often. When an event changes for the next, all the signage has to be changed, when using printed medium this had to be pre-ordered ensuring it was correct and suitable to the client, adding addition costs for the hotel as well as increasing stress for hotel staff.

Now with digital signage, this is replaced with a slick method of adding the company name, logo and uploading it to the digital signage network, so that any attendees automatically know where to go for the conference.

An effective way to welcome guests is to use way finding so attendees know which room to go to, then outside each room deploy a smaller digital sign or a digital poster that has the company name, logo on it, so the attendee knows they are at the correct room, these signs can all be updated with the new events every day.

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