Wayfinding and the use of digital, dynamic signage.

When large hotels host meeting and events were thousands of people are walking the halls of the hotel, the hotel has employ some sort of way finding system. Digital signage can be used in this way to provide an effective way to direct large groups of people.

Way-finding systems are found in hospitals and on any large type of campus. In additions to providing directions to rooms and buildings, they can also offer branding for the facility.

Digital signage way-finding systems can be broken down into two main uses.

Conference/way-finding application.
The system can be used to direct conference attendees to their rooms, especially good if the room changes over the day and the attendees are re-directed to other rooms easily, without adding extra printing costs to the conference organiser. The way-finding signs can be branded with the conference theme or logo improving the visual effect. Putting an image on to a screen is as simple as uploading a JPG or GIF file onto the digital signage content management system.

Hotel facilities.
The signs can also be outfitted with internal and external promotions for pool hours, fitness rooms, spa services and restaurant specials.

One set of people this sort of system benefits are the hotels staff, how does it benefit them, I hear you ask.

Well without digital signage one of the ways, is that employees would have to input the data for the same meeting information into several different systems, (in-room messaging, television displays.) A digital signage network means the data is entered once and only once, some software providers have seen the need to synchronise Microsoft Outlook with a dynamic signage system, this way the signage software pulls the data off Outlook and distributes it to the relevant screens for the relevant events. This eliminates any staff input, leaving staff to cater to customers.

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