Digital Posters: A Modern Way for Advertising

Digital posters replace paper billboards for advertising, information and promotions

From budget to high end digital posters, they can be seen in many locations from public displays to offices, from the coast to the deserts of the hottest continents. Digital posters offer a unique and modern approach which can be played in either landscape or portrait mode.

Let’s look at some of the important features;

  • What other terms are digital posters known by? This is a generic term to describe an electronic display board and can be referred to as digital signs, electronic posters and digital media systems.

  • How are they fixed into place? There are quite a few options for fixing – it depends on the purpose they are intended for, how big the screen is, the orientation of the screen (portrait or landscape), indoors or outdoors, the height of the screen etc. but generally there are only three ways of mounting the screen – via a bracket fixed on a wall, a ceiling mount where the screen hangs from, or on a floor pole. There are totally different alternatives for digital posters, known as floor standing kiosks and also ‘taxi top’ screens.

  • Can the screen be seen in full sun or at night? Yes, but it depends on how many lumens the screen has. Don’t be fooled into thinking a domestic TV screen will do – it may cost less, but is a foolish investment for digital advertising as the sun or bright lights will obliterate some of the image.

  • What about the content? Consider bespoke content for each screen or group of screens – keeping your customers both informed and entertained. The content can be uploaded via a USB – ideal for single screens and networked for several screens running concurrently.

  • What size is suitable for my project? There are a variety of sizes to choose from: a small counter top, point of sale screen – right through to a huge video wall made up of a configuration of connected screens. And if you want something even bigger, then video mapping is the solution. But for the main retail market, a 42”/47” or 50” are suitable.

  • How to plan for the content to run. The digital posters can actually run for 24/7 and are guaranteed for thousands of hours running time (compared with a domestic TV). Obviously this only makes sense if the screen will be seen all hours of the day and night – a high foot fall area, like a city transit hub, yet it can be scheduled for hourly, daily and weekly planned screening depending on the target audience.

digital posters

Digital posters

Making a plan of your requirements; location, mounting, target audience, content and budget is a good starting place, so for a one-stop solution contact lcdenclosure.co.uk on  UK +44 (0) 843 2893717 or US (862) 234 5981 for professional advice and guidance. 

Modern digital posters have virtually replaced and superseded tatty old fashioned paper posters – don’t get left behind!

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