The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage Kiosks

How interactive digital signage kiosks are leading the way in hospitality venues.

A great marketing tool, designed to promote, communicate, reinforce, enlighten and captivate the audience, has been developed in the form of interactive digital signage kiosks. For both indoor and outdoor uses, a floor standing kiosk can deliver content in an innovative way. Custom content enhances the images and technology of these electronic notice boards. Hospitality venues are just one scenario where they are most useful. Other areas to benefit are in medical facilities, car parks, receptions, shopping outlets and hotel foyers.

interactive digital signage kiosks

Interactive Digital Signage Kiosks

Because many are designed the be portrait in orientation, they suit many practical uses and as the height is similar to the ‘average’ person the whole screen can be utilised. Alternatively, the screen can be bought in landscape position, which is just as practical. Using the latest LED commercial grade digital signage screen technology, they welcome delegates and are ideal for way-finding – getting from A to B on a virtual floor plan. Clear images and colours from the 1080p HD screen are ideal for displaying maps and symbols and are easy to use with a finger directly on the screen. Finding your way around a huge unfamiliar environment can be daunting, but reassuring with a digital kiosks and has many benefits over the traditional folded paper map: rubbish and waste for one thing. Taking a photo of your desired route, with a smart phone camera, ensures getting from ‘A to B’ via landmarks and visual prompts. Whilst hygiene is a concern in places like hospitals, the screen is wipeable with a antibacterial cloth and hand sanitisers are encouraged anyway.

Floor standing interactive digital signage kiosks

The slim design and small foot print of a floor standing interactive digital sign, means that whilst it can blend into the environment, it is also a statement piece of architecture and practicality. The basic unit can be upgraded to include an Android or Windows media player and has a ‘plug and play’ facility for USB uploading of content. It has a durable outer casing with sun-bright readable screen, meaning that it can be placed in direct sunlight without any distortion of the content.

Another consideration is the security aspect – it may be in an unattended area, but in regular use. This can be a security risk, but as the locking system is designed to withstand force (up to a certain point) the kiosk is quite secure – without the risk of the internal hardware being stolen or vandalised. Thermostatic heating and cooling fans ensure an ambient temperature is constant for 24/7 running, if necessary. Way-finding has never changed – only the way technology has helped us find our way has. A journey is about our physical and mental abilities of accessing a route. Even though the route may change – even without notice – an interactive digital signage kiosk can keep up with changes in real time.

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