Digital Poster Or A Networked Solution?

Digital signage is all about the content, so it has to be compelling and attention grabbing, otherwise you will you be wasting the funds you have invested. One of the main issues is how to update the content.


This is one of the many questions we are asked, many new installers like the ease of use of the digital poster and the low cost of the solution, but they are then confused with the electronic menu board, it looks identical.

Now like everything, getting the correct tool for the job is essential, this is were the similarities ends.

Digital Menu board.

Normally a digital menu board is connected to a media player these media players are rather unique as they can be networked together, so when you update content on one screen it can update throughout the network.

Most media players that can be networked have software built in to them so that scheduling is simple.

So how are they updated?

A networked media player is controlled from a central point, much like updating a website. On one side of the monitor screen will be the computer with the content on it and on the other side will be the portion that represents the digital signage network, so all you have to do is update the relevant part of the content that you are uploading and the network will then synchronise at a preset time and the new content will display, however if you require immediate changes for sale items or emergencies, this too is also controlled by clicking synchronise for immediate effect.


Digital poster.

These are a commercial grade screen with an in built media player in one unit, the only external cable is the power cord. There are two options for content updates, the first is to store the new content on a memory card and swap the old card for the new one, or use a Flash drive. The drawback with a digital poster is that if you have more than 5 screens the chances are that you will forget one screen and it will be displaying old content.

A digital poster is ideal when used in a beauty or hair salon as the offers will be constant throughout the year, with only seasonal changes for Christmas, holidays and special occasions.

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