Pharmacy Digital Signage Equals Up Selling Opportunity

Pharmacies are the next wave of businesses that are looking to invest in digital signage, discover the technologies they are using.

Why Pharmacies are investing in digital signage.

This is a brand of customer service where practitioner and patient interactive and occasionally it is of a confidential nature, now chemists are using electronic signage for two very distinct reasons. They will function on two fronts, firstly as an information system and secondly as an opportunity to up sell. When have you been to the doctors for vaccinations for a holiday and you need to purchase some Malaria tablets? The most convenient solution is to call on the pharmacy adjacent to the doctors or near by, to make the relevant purchases.

When you enter the chemists the pharmacist takes your prescription and scans it, this then puts you in a wait queue (there is nothing more frustrating than hanging around the counter waiting for your completed prescription.) This queue list is automatically updated on 36” LCD screens throughout the chemists so that you can see from any where in the store when your medication is ready to collect – this acts as the customer information part of the project.

The second part is to up sell and the best time to up sell is during the holiday season ranging from May to September and not forgetting Christmas.

How do they up sell?

During the holiday season for example people will get check ups at the doctors or vaccinations for an up coming holiday, so when they visit the chemist to collect their medication they may see digital advertising marketing products such as sun screen, travel adapters, flight pillows and flight socks (that go towards preventing DVT on long haul flights.) Most people will see the ads and make the purchase so they do not forget to have them for the holiday (1 less thing to think about).

The same can be said for Christmas, one chemist retail chain actually prints their own Christmas catalogue offering very innovative gift ideas and using this technology, when less mobile people go to the chemists they see the ads and can then buy gifts for their family rather than making another journey into town at a later date, this is ideal for our aged community as well as young mums who are having their babies assessed.

How is it done?

The bar code scanner collects the relevant data and extracts through the terminal the patients name and then passes the data to an external media player, this media player holds the content for the digital adverts and adds the patients to the queue list, once the patient collects the prescription their name is then removed from the list.

On the LCD displays (commercial grade screens), the screen is divided into zones, these zones present news feeds at the bottom with the main content in the main zone, this main zone displays the information commercials and when a prescription is ready to collect the patients name replaces the advertisements in large letters, so everyone can see, now for the visually impaired audio can be integrated into the solution so when the name is displayed, it is also announced.

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