Digital Signage Helping To Prevent AIDS

Digital signage is being used to provide informercials as well as educate people, discover how floor standing LCD advertising screens are helping in the race to provide people with information on how to prevent AIDS.

AIDS (Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome) is one of the most prolific killers of the new decade. There are many ways in which people catch this through sexual contact, sharing needles, infected blood and even being born from a carrier of it. Now countries such as Africa that have a major problem with this killer, needs to inform and educate people on how to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

A small project using digital posters of 40” are being deployed in Botswana so that people can be taught how to avoid this killer, so they remain safe. Once this has been proven to work it will be rolled out throughout Africa.

The solution.
The floor standing LCD advertising player has a large 40” screen that has an in built media player, the content is stored on a memory card, normally CF due to their high storage capacity.

Then the commercials are displayed educating the locals on how to avoid the dangers associated with AIDS. Using a floor standing solution is ideal as it saves on floor space due to their tiny foot print and they are very portable.

Currently in Africa, families are made up from older and sometimes younger brothers and sisters looking after their siblings, as the parents may have contracted the disease and died, this way if these children are educated and understand how to avoid the risks they have a chance of growing up into adult hood and they can then pass this information on to their family.

As well as floor standing units, wall mounted digital poster are used in medical centres so that patients can watch the information displayed on the screens whilst waiting for treatment.

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