Digital Menu Boards to Digital Posters – A One Stop Solution

Digital signage is one of the fastest growing business sectors currently, this is fantastic as most IT companies are now branching out into digital media and providing dynamic advertising solutions.

But knowing the differences between products is fundamental in providing a solution that works and is at an affordable price, we will try to explain the most cost effective solutions for indoor digital signage applications.

Indoor Digital Signage.
As the name suggests this is for indoor use in areas such as business receptions, dentist waiting rooms, doctors surgeries, hotels, colleges and Universities.

Now there are two options:

Firstly digital posters as below come complete with a built in media player that play the content you wish to provide, this is drag and dropped onto a memory card and a play list is created using Microsoft Notepad, with the order of the images, video and audio you wish to display – pretty straight forward.


These range from 17” unit and go up to 80” in screen size, they come with a rear mounting plate for bolting to the wall or the smaller units can be hung as you would a picture frame. Can be used in either portrait or landscape position.

Secondly, digital menu boards, these are large screens with a media player attached to them either wired into the computer infrastructure or wireless, so that content can be updated remotely, now this is where the cross over can take place as a digital poster can do the same job as a menu board but they are easier and quicker to deploy as there is no data cabling needed or a wireless point fitted.


So if you want to update the content every day or week, the best option is a digital menu board set up, otherwise a digital poster is the answer, as you can update the content using a USB flash drive and the USB port on the media player.

This covers the indoor digital signage for outdoor digital signage, you should consider an LCD enclosure that offers protection from vandals as well as the weather.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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