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Floor Standing Digital Signage Touch Screen Hire

Why buy a floor standing digital signage touch screen, when you can hire a unit? Digital signage is a current trend which has evolved into a technical revelation over the last few years into a huge, multi million dollar business.  It suits many purposes with its electronic visual display, multi level advertising, way-finding, infomercials and […]


Security within Interactive Digital Signage

There are two ways of looking at this title; ‘Security within Interactive Digital Signage, discover the answers in the article.


Hospitals Deploy Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosks

Faced with finding your way around an unfamiliar building can be quite daunting, but when hospitals deploy outdoor wayfinding kiosks, the first hurdle is overcome.


Touch Screen Digital Signage Boosts Office Productivity

No one can question the fact that technology is essential to increasing office productivity and nowhere is this more evident than in touch screen digital signage as it allows businesspeople to view, analyse and share data conveniently.


Interactive Digital Signage – Investment; it’s not as costly as you think!

Committing to a substantial outlay for Interactive digital signage maybe something that, as a business owner you may be prepared to do, but there are others who are unsure about spending such amounts of money.


Success for Interactive Digital Signage Kiosks within the Entertainment Business

Digital signage kiosks have been a development which has enhanced the public’s interest over the last couple of years and recent figures indicate a steady and substantial growth consistently over the last half decade, of certain segments of trade and industry, particularly within the entertainment sector – which is worth billions of dollars.


Touch Screen LCD Enclosures for Engaging Customers

The benefits of installing a Touch Screen LCD Enclosures, in an outdoor location, are numerous. The main aim of these enclosures is to prevent damage to the LCD touch screens and also to provide privacy for the people who are using these interactive devices.


Interactive Multi touch digital signs

The use of multi touch digital signs is changing the method of advertising and the results are simply amazing too. There are many places where these interactive kiosks are being set up and the results have stunned the advertisers all over the world.


Airport Digital Signage Boom

The use of airport digital signage has increased significantly in the last few years, from the time the digital technology and nanotechnology have been evolving


Retail digital signage in 2013.

We have seen a fantastic growth in retail digital signage during 2012 now we have to consider what will be in 2013. What technologies will we use?

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