Touch Screen Displays; Striking Brand Awareness

Interactive or touch screen displays – uses.

With every screen possibility covered, from touch screen displays as free standing visuals through to interactive floor standing kiosks, they all serve the purpose of modern advertising and engaging the customer with brand awareness.

touch screen displayOne of the most popular forms of digital touch screen displays are available in sizes 32” to a whopping 82”, however most retailers find 56” screens sufficient for their needs. Utilising a touch screen empowers the customer to be in control of his own choices; although touch screen implies the screen is touched by a finger, there is very little pressure on the screen, as infra red detection navigates around the system. This greatly lessens any damage to the screen. For easy use, this type of screen will just plug into a small personal computer via a USB cable, from where the content can be uploaded, amended or scheduled. The reaction of many clients, after purchasing this type of screen is very positive, as it is a quick, accurate and reliable media which results in a growth of touch screen sales. Although it is one of the more basic forms of digital advertising, it has the capability of playing dynamic content of including music and video. Upgrading to to HD screen has the benefit of a wider viewing angle, which can be positioned in either landscape of portrait mode, making it adaptable for repositioning at any time.

Free standing touch screen displays.

Alternatively, the free-standing multi-touch digital display screen is a popular model, particularly with way-finding at airports or events. The most common size, which fits most applications is a 40” screen with a aspect ratio of 16:9, making it ideal for viewing. Again this type is infra-red, so there is less likely hood of screen damage (some people use keys as pointing devices on the screen surfaces!). It is a reliable and responsive multi-touch digital display, where the clear screen allows for dynamic graphics to work well. As you would expect, it will broadcast video,music and other images, such as branding, special offers and promotions.

floor standing touch screen displaysFor a different look, consider the Free-standing Multi-Touch display screen, which stands tall, whilst mounted securely in a floor stand. This is a more permanent option, with planning and commitment for the power cabling and floor stand. It is a perfect and very effective screen within the retail sector and information points, like a shopping mall, transit station or sporting event. It is an uncomplicated/easy to configure – ‘plug and play’ system.

Another option, depending on the facility is a desktop touch screen, which is ideal for classrooms, point of sale retail displays and medical facilities, where patient log-in is offered. The screens come in various sizes from 17 inches to 21 inches and are durable yet easy to use, by either the IT operator or customer.

All these screens are resilient to most environments, but for additional security, piece of mind and investment protection, a metal housing unit, also known as an enclosure, offers protection from water ingress, screen damage, theft and exposure to extremes of temperature, as a thermostatically controlled heating and/or cooling unit creates a perfect temperature for optimum performance and longevity of screen life.

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