The Advantage of London Digital Signage

London Digital Signage.

There are almost too many advantages of London digital signage to mention in one article, but let’s look at who, why and where it is most advantageous.

As London is a tourist mecca (all year round) advertising plays an enormous part of bringing in addition income for businesses, including restaurants, theatres, hotels and places of interest. This helps the UK economy by billions of pounds.

Tourist mecca – London Digital Signage.

floor standing touch screen displays

So who would benefit from London digital signage? Obviously city centre areas – billboards, totems, kiosks and wall mounted screens offer any number of benefits, including many languages – which appeals to everyone.

Weatherproof TV screen enclosures offer accessibility whilst protecting the hardware from the elements and damage, like theft or vandalism. Shops, businesses, sponsors and promoters can all take advantage of the cost effective investment of installing video walls or individual media screens. Whether it is used to promote a product or service, merchandise or a show, this kind of media is well suited to a video screen, as it can broadcast visual elements, along with text and other graphics, combined to create a stunning advertising campaign. Imagine the amount of foot traffic, pairs of eyes and visitors seeking information in the UK’s capital. Of course it’s not just limited to London, many areas around the country and indeed any city in the world.

London digital signage

Why is London digital signage so successful? Outdoor advertising has come a long way in such a short space of time; traditional pasted billboards on roadside hoardings has become almost obsolete and have been replaced with stunning moving images on huge electronic screens. It is adaptable – at the click of button, so changes can be made in real-time and therefore it is constantly up to date. As many more advertising campaigns can be displayed on one ‘board’, in contrast to the one poster billboard; the cost can be shared out between several different businesses. It really is an ‘eye-catching’ phenomenon, which although has been around for more than a decade, it is still evolving and producing even more sophisticated displays. The quality of the visual display is exceptional in many weather conditions – from bright sunlight to dull cloudy days.

Deciding where to position a digital signage screen is a big consideration and can be a costly mistake, but the important points to consider are:

  • the best visual point for the target audience
  • planning issues (ie. a listed building)
  • alternatively place the screen inside the shop window
  • in most cases, check the position of the sun, which will dictate the screens luminosity
  • will the content be uploaded via the internet (multiple screens) or individually via a USB flash drive?
  • How secure will the hardware be – weather, damage and interference can all cause down time

There is no doubt about the success of digital signage advertising, as more and more screens are being erected on the London skyline, so if you are looking for an additional income by renting out an electronic billboard, and you have the available wall space in a very expensive location.

Why not call the experts on 0843 2893717 to discuss your London digital signage requirement.

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