Outdoor projector enclosure certification.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure & Certification.

Outdoor projector enclosures are in high demand due to the development of projectors and the technology driving them. However not all outdoor projector enclosures are the same!

There are several manufacturers who claim that their products have passed certain tests, however the plain facts are they are lying…sounds harsh, but true!

What certification is looked for with projector enclosures.

Will it be weatherproof?
An outdoor rating that indicates the least water and dust ingress as these are the two main damaging factors when deploying projectors outdoors. The best solutions offer IP65 as the ProEnc, this means that our protective, outdoor projector enclosure can be washed down with a high pressure water jet and still any electronics inside remain dry. This is also classed as a NEMA 4X enclosure in the USA and Canada.

CE marked for Europe and UL marked for the USA/Canada, this is to confirm that the product conforms to certain EU directives and in some instances can be self-certification for a product! In the US our ProEnc has been tested and complies with UL certification by a third party testing company.

Outdoor projector enclosure manufacturers.

Any manufacturer of these outdoor housings as a standard range can have that specific design tested and certified, as we have done with the ProEnc range, each bespoke unit would have to be tested to ensure that the design met the standards claimed; otherwise these so called manufacturers are manipulating the sales process and misleading the customers.

The costs in testing each bespoke housing would result in additional costs of upwards of £1200 per unit, otherwise the bespoke housing you are buying is a none cerfitied product. This is why we are replacing competitors units with our robust solution.

ProEnc outdoor projector enclosure logoWhat does this mean to a customer?

If a client is looking for a standard product, there is no problem. However if the customer is offered a custom/bespoke projector enclosure this is when the investment is at risk, as the so called manufacturer will not have the certification or testing of the product that they claim they have and are misrepresenting their products! This will only come to light when there is an issue with water ingress or some other issue with regards to CE or IP rating.

ProEnc projector enclosures – 25 years manufacturing experience.

Unlike most in the industry, ProEnc’s management have over 25 years’ experience manufacturing outdoor protective housings, used in most of the countries in the world, from Dubai, Australia, North And South America, the Caribbean and Europe. So they know a thing or two about manufacturing outdoor projector enclosures. Their patent pending design is the only secure unit on the market, as other manufacturers use cheaper locks that can and have been forced open and the hardware stolen.

Questions to ask projector enclosure manufacturers.

  • How long have they been manufacturing their range of products?
  • What if the projector fails due to over heating or water ingress?

We are asked these questions constantly and this is why ProEnc is the leader in the industry, backed by our 25 years’ experience, we also have insurance should an issue occur and we will replace any damaged hardware, like for like. We are the only company to offer this guarantee, just ask the competition.

For more details on the leading outdoor projector enclosure manufacturer contact us today!

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