Sunlight Readable LCD displays for Outdoor Applications

One of the main challenges associated with deploying a LCD or LED display outdoors is to make sure the display can be seen in bright sunlight. If this golden rule is broken the project will fail.

The key to any outdoor signage application is to make doubly sure that consumers can see the screen clearly, if not they will not be aware of the brand or the promotions. One sure way is to use a sunlight readable display, these like most video walls, come in sections and each section comes in a pre-built outdoor case to protect it from the elements as well as potential hazards.

sunlight readable LCD

Each section is over 1100mm wide x 1100mm high and can be tiled to zone the image if needed. What makes this screen unique is that is has 5,500 nits! This ultra bright display can be used for digital outdoor signage, sporting events or even at music concerts.

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