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Outside TV screens for pubs to be the norm during the FIFA World Cup, to entice customers back from the recession.

Many pubs chains in the UK are seeing the FIFA World Cup as the holly grail, due to the recession there has been a dramatic reduction in people visiting their local pub for a beer.

Due to everyone tightening their belts, local visitors to pubs have decided to drink at home and the home sales have increased boosting profits for off-licenses. Now we are only a few months off and breweries are doing everything in their power to get customers back into their pubs.

When the recession hit at the end of 2008, one pub every day has closed down due to poor alcohol sales and the smoking ban has not helped.

They have even started heating outdoor smoking areas, to make it more comfortable for their smoking clientele. Now going one step further pubs are even putting large screens outside for their customers to watch the football games during the summer.

These screens are ranging from 42” up to and including 60” screens, these are being connected to the audio visual system of the pub and extended outside, so customer can appreciate the game whilst having a nice cool beer in (hopefully) the summer of 2010.

If this tactic works the breweries will have made a huge pull back on the business they have lost over the previous eighteen months, if not what will it hold for the breweries.

They are investing heavily in the screens themselves, connection to the television system and the outdoor LCD enclosures (manufactured by LCD Enclosure Global) that offer waterproof protection as well as offering anti vandal protection.

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