Outdoor TV enclosure – the most cost effective solution.

Outdoor TV enclosures from LCD Enclosure Global are the most cost effective solution for protecting outdoor television sets, they are currently working an several tenders to supply the majority of the UK’s pub and bar chains for the forthcoming World Cup in June.

Their outdoor TV enclosure provides security as it can be locked, however there are further options if the unit is going in to an area that is a high risk, the enclosure is completely overalled and thicker shatter proof viewing windows are installed, as well as high security locks, that once locked stay locked – so don’t loose the keys! They can even provide their armourcase, this is an enclosure that has an inbuilt roller shutter that locks into the frame of the unit and with it being fully welded, it provides the best security available in the industry.

So should you be looking at putting a TV outdoors at a pub or bar, you should make the first call to LCD Enclosure Global on 0844 3578687 and you will be amazed at how cost effective their solutions are.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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