Developing DOOH for Advertising Agencies

Ad agencies are currently working with all sorts of opportunistic budgets that don’t necessarily come from one fund or another.

The reality is that money is following consumers into places – where they go and where they are having a more engaging and different touch point potential to experience brands, so we are seeing money shift into this type of advertising budget.

Dynamic companies have been successful in their attempts to combine multiple networks of outdoor digital signage. By sending the ads manually to the networks, the networks then insert the ads into the playlists of their content management systems.

In most cases, though, both networks and individual screens are accessible via the Internet. Digital place-based advertising offers remarkable potential when it comes to delivering commercials to a particular screen from a remote agency desktop.  The industry is developing into more computerized ways of network connectivity with the ability to deliver commercials directly to the screens without user intervention.

Motivated and forward thinking ad companies can automatically send ads directly to screens across any Microsoft Windows-based CMS system. This connects all advertisers with all networks with real-time ad inventory, ad placement and ad metrics, making digital outdoor signage an advertising must have.

A Chicago based company is the first of its kind and could be the very platform that will revolutionize the industry and grow the digital place-based piece of the media pie.  It aims to compete with huge areas of the advertising market, like TV, radio and newspapers.

Other solutions for a wide range of markets, environments and applications on offer are various sized LCD displays and projectors coupled with expertise in hardware/software consulting, financing, system configuration, deployment services maintenance and service/support. The result is a uniquely customized, technology-rich operation optimized specifically to meet a company’s needs.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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