Outdoor Digital Signage and LCD Enclosures Go Hand In Hand For Total Protection.

Digital outdoor signage is an advertising agencies perfect medium for getting their clients content out to prospective clients. It is fast, efficient and most importantly eye catching. But there are issues with deploying digital signage outdoors, understanding them is essential.

Digital Signage Hardware.
Originally the digital signage hardware manufacturers created their hardware that was used indoors, with the fast and wide areas were digital signage is deployed has now gone outdoors. So the current digital signage hardware had to be able to cope with the elements from snow, rain and extreme temperatures as well as possible vandalism.

The problem with purchasing anything that is other than the norm, has an added cost, due to the internal components being extra robust.

So what can we look at to save some money on an installation of an outdoor digital signage solution.

LCD display.
There are two options here, the most expensive it to buy an external display, however most of the outdoor screens are recommended to be located under an awning to protect them from the elements, in the guess that it is better for image clarity.

The most cost effective solution is to use either a commercial grade screen or domestic screen (providing you are using it in the landscape orientation), but it will need an outdoor LCD enclosure.

Media Player.
There are no media players that are specifically designed to work outdoors, so you have to look for a solution that is robust and accommodate the player into a protective outdoor case, but remember that you need an access panel for quick updates.

Outdoor LCD enclosure.
This is specially designed solid steel unit that protects the screen and the media player, it must also offer a thermostatically controlled heating and cooling system to protect the internal hardware from extreme temperatures. Their must be an access point if you need to update hardware or content without having to open the full enclosure.

LCD Enclosure Global specialise in manufacturing outdoor LCD enclosures that are used for digital signage outdoors, through their chain of integrators based throughout the world.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.
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