Digital Menu Boards – A Feast of Information

Every food outlet, from fast food to fine dinning, will benefit from the digital menu boards advertising the establishment’s food fare. The system should be attractive, easy to maintain, and would fall in line with the structural design of the restaurant.

Additionally, incorporating information for an entertainment food court would get visitors excited about the facilities and would help accomplish the mission of weaving quality entertainment throughout the guest experience.

To that end, certified partners of digital signage companies would create the digital content and the installation of LCD screens. The screens may be installed on wall mounts in the eatery, where any numbers of screens are dedicated to lists of menu selections in the café. Other screens may display rotating content that includes animated promotions of snack items available in the food court, alternating with applicable videos and advertisements promoting branded products.

General studies and statistics from the feedback of consumers and the staff have been overwhelmingly positive. It is also possible, and a good way of establishing statistics and demographics, to install video monitors in the admissions lobby that which display admission pricing and information facts for people in the queue, helping to make the wait more enjoyable, or at least bearable!

Because the digital menu boards are readily visible and easy to read, customers are able to make order selections more quickly. And the menus have reduced the amount of time staff has to spend changing menu prices, schedules, etc., because it has a digital content. As it’s not just a menu of food and prices there is an entertainment value, with the information, advertisements or factoids that pop up, like ‘Did you know…?’ It adds to the whole experience, even in the snack bar.

Finding a turnkey provider of digital -menu who can provide the software, the digital creative content, LCD screens — the whole package is a cost effective solution to promoting products and services in this customer facing industry. This makes it easier for customers to deal with one vendor instead of many.

LCD Enclosure Global -anything else is a compromise.

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