Mounting of outdoor LCD enclosure

When some manufacturers make protective LCD enclosure for outdoors, they have bolt holes in the rear of the enclosure, however we have a more robust solution. As putting holes into an enclosure will certainly reduce the NEMA 4X and IP65 rating and will certainly cause the unit to leak water onto the TV.

As we have found with our vast knowledge and experience in the industry, that any hole, even a drilled and tapped hole will cause water that drips onto the enclosure to be “pulled” through the thread via capillary action and into the enclosure. This then will compromise the integrity of the unit.

With 200 plus digital signage integrators using our LCD enclosure, we are talking from experience as our units have an external frame that bolts to the welded frame at the back of the enclosure, so no bolt holes into the enclosure are used.

Article brought to you by LCD Enclosure Global -anything else is a compromise.

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