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London Digital Signage Applications.

We have experienced an explosion in London digital signage solutions for the past 2 years, from indoor and outdoor solutions. Our London digital signage solutions are effective and very affordable! Cambridgeshire based DOOH Limited are only an hour away from London by train, their expert consultants are regularly found in London, discussing various digital advertising solutions for many diverse markets and high profile clients. Now let us look at some of the many solutions that are being used for London digital signage.

London digital signage – Indoor applications.


London digital signage

London digital signage – indoor application.

From hotels through to gourmet burger restaurants, these outlets before the doors open have invested in some type of digital signage, in the gourmet burger restaurant they use electronic menu boards to display the menu in a tempting way, as well as having floor standing digital signs so customers can see the digital menu from their tables. Restaurants tend to use screen sizes from 32” up to 60”, depending on the menu size and daily specials, the options that are discussed at the initial planning meeting range from:

  • How the content will be displayed (portrait or landscape)
  • Who will supply the content?
  • How often will the content updated and how?

Then a solution can be recommended based on the individual requirements of the client. London hotels using digital signage, use the hardware in a very unique way, hotels use them usually in a digital signage network, so that people can ‘express check out’, here the customer can use the touch screen signs to view their bill for their stay and then confirm everything is in order, click confirm, deposit the key and leave, this is much quicker than waiting in line to check out. Standard floor standing digital signs are used around the hotel to provide information on the hotel, functions and upcoming events, they can even be used for providing directions around the hotel for lost guests! In the lifts, electronic LCD posters are used to entertain people whilst on there journey between floors, these are used to provide up to date information on flight departures, delays and other travel information for the business and private traveler. Not just limited to the two above industries, DOOH also supply a group of resellers who fit transparent LCD displays in department stores, so high end products can be displayed in an engaging way.

London digital signage – outdoor applications.


London digital signage

London digital signage – outdoor applications.

Outdoor applications for digital signage in London range from river front locations to digital signage solutions outside corporations head offices. The main solutions here are outdoor units, that are updated and fed with content from a remote location over the internet. The screens can be in landscape, but mainly portrait and are sunlight bright, so they can be viewed clearly when situated in direct sunlight on a summers day in London. Due to the hardware being outdoors, there is a need for security to protect the hardware from the elements and potential vandalism. This is when they draw on their 20 years of manufacturing protective housings for electronic devices. These protective housings are aesthetically pleasing but at the same time provide all the vital protection the hardware requires, including thermostatic heating and cooling.

Digital signage in London – the growth.

Digital signage within London has grown dramatically since 2011, from then DOOH UK saw a 20% increase leading up to the London 2012 Olympics when they supplied the Olympic Park with custom, outdoor digital signage. Then in 2013 with the constant customer requests for hiring digital signage solutions DOOH UK launched a department that specializes in hiring the hardware to clients based around the UK, this allows business to trial a digital advertising solution before committing to a full roll-out without the financial investment.

DOOH Limited are experts in the field of digital signage, this is why high profile organizations contact them to work on their London digital signage projects.

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