Event Digital Signage – Winners and Losers

Event digital signage do it right.

Event digital signage is booming, especially with exhibitions and trade shows using event digital signage to boost their brand and company awareness to new and existing customers.

What is event digital signage?

event digital signage

This is marketing to delegates at trade shows and exhibitions using the latest technology, including LCD and plasma screens , these are either wall mounted of free standing on the floor with the sole intention in making the company using the digital devices stand out from their competitors who are not using this technology.

Now using digital signage at exhibitions can be done right as well as wrong, during a recent visit to the Autosport International exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, we noticed digital advertising displays in some but not all exhibitors stands. Some had it spot on, but some had it so wrong!

Event digital signage who got it right?

You would not expect to see high tech devices at such a show as the Autosport International show, but in our experience Lotus had it spot on, they had 4 x 40” LCD screens in portrait position and mounted on the wall, the image was split between the screens and displayed the history of Lotus up to the present day, the high definition images were excellent and engaged with most people passing the stand, so much so there was a bottle neck in the isles.

Event digital signage who got it wrong?

One exhibitor in our view got it not quite right, as the LCD screen was in landscape mode and only displayed cars driving round a race track, now compared to the Lotus stand there wasn’t many people looking at what they had to offer and unfortunately this is when digital signage fails, when the content isn’t compelling enough for people to stop, look and listen.

Exhibitions and trade show have to provide leads and therefore pay for themselves, otherwise the event is a complete waste of time and a financial loss, speaking to many of the exhibitors who did not use digital signage devices found they had a much less foot fall than exhibitors who used digital signage units. One exhibitor confessed that they had to reduce their motor sport clothing so that they could pay for the exhibition stand, with a single square foot costing £100!

Digital advertising users had much more visitors to their stand, they stayed longer and the uptake in enquiries was far greater than exhibitors with no digital signage solutions present on their stand. Proving there are winners and losers in event digital signage.

LCD Enclosure Global Limited produce a range of LCD enclosures as well as internal digital signage solutions that are also used for event digital signage.

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