Digital Signage – Wireless HD Media Player or Hard Wired?

Digital signage is moving forward using new technologies all the time, now they are using different types of media players for storage and playing of content for the advertisements.

Digital signage integrators now have the choice to use either standalone, wireless or hard wired media players and the reason comes down to cost, availability and the application it will be used for.

Standalone media players.

These are media players that are normally associated with digital posters and they are built into the screen providing an all on one digital signage solution. These are powered by electricity and have to be updated manually through a USB connector.

Wireless HD media player.

These have the facility to store up to 1000GB of data and offer full High Definition resolution at 1080p. These are at the cutting edge as they come complete with HDMI connectors to connect direct to the flat screens and will also support Flash and MPEG 1,2,4 also supports MP3, WMA, WAV and AC3 audio files. What makes it unique is that is has a WIFI connection built into the player, so you can use a laptop to login and upload data, the wireless networks works on 802.11G and is backward compatible with other older wireless networks.

wireless HD media player

Hard wired HD media player.
As the name suggests you have to connect this media player to a data network so the content can be uploaded, this is thought to be the most traditional method; however it can be extremely costly due to the use of fibre optic cable if the installation is coving for example a football stadium.

These are also used for the deployment of digital menu boards and are normally connected to the rear of the display and the cables run back to computer near the counter where the updates can be synchronised from.

HD media player

The advantage of these HD media players is that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors, however when used outdoors they can fit comfortably into our flat panel enclosure, this LCD display enclosure is fitted with internal mounting points for these players so they too are safe outdoors.

Outdor digital signage is now able to offer more to its customers, using the latest technology.

LCD Enclosures Global offer a huge range of protective enclosures, for the digital signage industry at cost effective prices. These LCD enclosures are available in sizes up to 80″.

LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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