So You Want To Put An LCD TV outside?

Now the gardens and backyards are coming to their best, many keen gardeners are looking at moving their house into the garden by means of deploying a television in the garden.

This way the gardeners amongst us can spend more time in the garden appreciating the flower beds and not missing our favourite television programs.

For any outdoor use you have to look at all the options, the first option is a weather proof TV, these are normally comprise of an LCD display that is then placed into an outdoor case, this case has it’s own thermal management system and includes a cooling and warming unit that is mounted at the back of the display.
Pros – Works right out the box.
Cons – Very expensive and potential inventory shortages.

The other option is to deploy a regular LCD television and install it into its own LCD enclosure, these also offer thermal management solutions including thermostatic heating and cooling and even air conditioning units for really extreme conditions.

An LCD enclosure provides weatherproof protection as well as vandal protection and can be used for years to come once you decide to replace or update the LCD television that is inside, these special TV boxes also come with an internal television mounting frame that is VESA compatible to the following patterns 200 x 200, 600 x 400 and 800 x 400.

Benefits – Cost effective, plentiful.
Draw backs – will accommodate a variety of TV sizes.

Now you know what is available, you can get some beverages chilling in readiness for the summer months.

LCD Enclosure Global specialise in manufacturing outdoor protective enclosure for the outdoor digital signage market, however they are using their expertese to create solutions for the home market.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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