Digital Poster Now Bing Used By Letting And Estate Agents

Digital poster for letting & estate agents.

A digital poster is a unique piece of any organisations marketing tools, now even letting agents as well as estate agents are seeing the advantages of using them.

What is a digital poster?

digital poster

This is a commercial grade screen with a built in media player that has the content located on a memory card inside the media player. Any new content can be created on a computer and then using a flash drive update the content using the USB port on the media player.

The media player that is an integral part of the digital poster will display most content including JPG images, various video formats and even MP3 audio files.

Using the on screen menu makes configuring the digital poster simple, once the content is loaded on the memory card, you can then transform the position of the digital advertising content, from landscape to portrait, you can select the dwell time of each image and you can even have scrolling text on the bottom of the screen.

This new introduction to the digital signage industry is an excellent entry level solution, as there is no real investment in installation, as long as there is a power lead near by.

This easy and simple solution for digital advertising is why a digital poster will be seen in most businesses over the next few years.

Why use a digital poster?
Simply put, when you want to edit the content you can do and it will only take a couple of minutes. This facility to edit content almost immediately is unique and allows the user to have total control over their inventory and services.

This is why estate agents and letting agents are using this solution, these property agents who at anyone time can have over 100 houses on their books, either for sale or to let, so image the cost and waste if the brochures where printed paper. Updating the available properties that are displayed on the digital poster is simple, just update the listing ads on a USB drive and update the media player files.

LCD Enclosure Global as well as manufacturing their range of LCD enclosure they also supply a vast range of digital poster from 17″ up to 65″.

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