Digital Menu Board Kills Printed Menu

Sounds crazy but it is true, the US restaurant industry is in turmoil as a new law was passed in March 2010 that states all restaurants with more than 20 locations have to have the nutritional and calorific values for each menu item listed in the same size and colour print as the item name, description and price.

As you can imagine, this is causing a huge headache in the quick serve restaurant sector, as this is something you didn’t sign up for when you bought the franchise – is it?

There are two approaches to a solution, one is less expensive however it is not as flexible and changes to the menu are costly, so let us look at what options the restaurant owner/operator has.

Printed menu.

All restaurants have these, from in the restaurant, the probably have a takeaway menu too, so all these need reprinting by March 2011 to conform to the new law that has been passed.

Advantages are your printer will already have your menu set up, so limited set up costs will be incurred for adding the extra information.

But think for a minute you will never be able to offer a special without it being on your menu, so this to any creative restaurant owner is limiting in itself.

Digital menu board.

This is a menu board that is using new technology to display the menu with all the information you want, these consist of a commercial grade LCD screen and a media player and these media players store internally the adverts and menus on an internal memory card. So once you have created you menu layout with images, description, pricing and not forgetting the all important calorie information, you can set your menu running and display it in the best possible way.

Now what if you want to promote a special that is not on the menu?

Unlike printed medium, a digital menu can be edited and the new item added and promoted throughout the restaurant within 5 minutes.

The benefits out weigh any drawbacks with a digital poster or digital menu board, as these units are so flexible many businesses are using them with little if any technical know how.

If you haven’t got a digital menu board or a digital poster to promote your goods, you need to speak to LCD Enclosure Global on +44 (0) 844 3578687 European enquiries or 888-460-3573 for USA enquiries.

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