Digital Outdoor Signage – Location Based Advertising

Location based advertising is a new name for outdoor digital signage and is normally employed to advertise products in high traffic areas, that are pin pointed to specific geographic locations.

Location based advertising is perfect for marketing local businesses to people in a particular location, for example if you were in the Trafford Centre in Manchester and wanted to know what other tourist attractions were around, this could be used, for example how to get to Old Trafford and look round the world famous Manchester United Football Club while the ladies of the shopping trip continue shopping.

Another example is if you are in strange town or city in business and you are thinking of taking a client out for lunch, this form of marketing can be used by restaurants in the locality to market their products and services, even to the extent of providing money off coupons that are text to the consumers mobile phone.

Normally the hardware consists of a mobile or 3G media player that the particular location is and then show the relevant adverts from advertisers, there are two parts to this approach push and pull.

The push approach is when the potential audience are shown advertisements, then when a user requests a discount voucher the pull approach is used. However this can not be abused as it would be the equivalent of sending spam emails if people had not requested your information. This market sector is said to be worth an estimated $1.7 billion by 2015 even though it is in its infancy right now.

Location based advertising is a mix of both outdoor digital signage and mobile marketing, using an established digital signage network is certainly an advantage in set up costs, this is why all the hardware can be fitted into LCD monitor enclosures, these monitor enclosures provide the relevant protection from the weather and physical attacks.

Using new technology is marketing is essential for businesses to stay ahead of their field and winning the contracts and orders.

LCD Enclosure Global are a leading manufacturing force in the protective digital signage housing industry.

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