Customer Interaction is pushing Interactive technology

With the advancement of touch screen technology from ATM’s to the iPhone, touch screen technology is pushing the boundaries of technology.

Touch screen digital signage allows for quick and responsive promotions catering to customers needs right there and then. This in turns enhances the customer experience.

Savvy customers demand that the digital signage they need at the precise time they need it, making touch screen technology the ideal vehicle for this due to the interactive nature of the screen.

Integrated touch screen or touch screen overlay?

When touch screen technology started making head road in digital signage, the overlay was the perfect solution, now due to the advancement of technology many manufacturers are integrating touch screen “behind the bezel” solution.

Most touch screen manufacturers agree that the overlay is the least expensive solution, however the long term advantages of integrated touch screens outweighs the cost savings. Now is the coming of age for the integrated touch systems, as they are now more stable than overlays, with integrated touch systems requiring less cleaning and maintenance.

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