Automotive Industry using Digital Signage.

The Ford Motor Company use digital signage to build brand awareness and also to support the launch of their new product the Ford SYNC.

Ford SYNC is a unique in-vehicle entertainment system enhancement, Ford felt to get the maximum exposure for this new product they would create an interactive digital signage system that demonstrates SYNC at automotive tradeshows.

This was to be such a huge success, they are looking at digital signage in production factories, sot hey can be used to manage the production lines and highlight any production bottle necks, even before they are created.

However, putting digital signage on a factory floor is much different than using digital signage at a tradeshow, for one the signage hardware has to be protected from any hazardous air borne particles, such as coolant. Should coolant get inside the hardware and dry, this will corrode and be cause for the failure of the hardware. One solution was to have a specially manufactured LCD enclosure made to accommodate all the hardware.

They chose LCD Enclosures Global to partner for this project and Mike Delaney (Project Manager) told us the reason why a UK company was chosen over a US company.

“LCD Enclosures Global offered a flexible solution at a realistic price, we needed to make changes as the project developed and dealing with our Chris, ( our Account Manager) made the deployment of the project a lot easier and pain free.

At the end of the project 21 enclosures were deployed in under 3 weeks, LCD Enclosures Global response was both prompt and professional.”

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