Building the Perfect Screen Layout for Digital Signage.

One of the main concerns of companies that deploy outdoor digital signage is the screen layout and how they can maximise the space for maximum impact.

With company’s using screens as large as 103” there is a lot of space to use! Some go for the zoned screen that has a main zone that entertains people whilst the other smaller zones are used for ticker zones.

Digital signage gives deployers the ability to create and deliver dynamic content constantly with the added bonus of all the zones changing at a steady pace.

The use of Real Time information uses feeds from the internet that show up to the minute news and weather updates. The information is delivered to the digital signage network without any human interaction. This is done via the Internet connection that runs throughout the digital signage network and connects to the relevant RSS feed.

Businesses that choose to include RSS feeds tend to leverage their digital signage network to provide even more benefits to their viewers.

One thing is for sure, people are impressed with digital signage, they are even more impressed with digital signage that brings them up to the minute, news, weather and sports results.

Tip: If you want to double the effectiveness of your digital signage just add your promotional content in between the news and weather in the RSS feeds and this for sure will benefit your business.

This post is brought to you by Graham of LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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