8 Ways to get Your Digital Sign Stand Out.

1. Your Digital Signage strategy.

You need to design and plan a strategy for your digital signage, as we all know that good content comes from this and is one of the major cogs in your gearbox of digital signage. Try to always give a value message such as a guarantee.

2. Retail advertising –Be top of your game.

Just remember that Retail advertising doesn’t have to be brainless or dull, create thought provoking headlines, use coupons with a twist and incorporate them into your digital signage campaigns.

3. Create a design that stops passers by in their tracks.

Using fonts, images and video to get your marketing message across is a sure advantage over conventional marketing mediums. Now you can use colour and brand the digital signage campaign with your corporate message, so that when anyone sees your campaigns, they automatically recognise who the company is. For example if you marketing a bikini, it’s not just the cost of the $12 bikini, it’s the image of the stunning model wearing the bikini that makes us realise that the $12 is also fashionable.

4. Keep the message simple.

KIS – Keep the marketing message Simple. If the offer is to complex the consumer will walk away because they will not tolerate being bombarded with jargon and too much techno speak.

5. Use different applications to capture your consumer.

Using today’s technology allows us to collect email addresses, zip codes and other valuable means to evaluate a digital signage campaign, making it much easier to target specific demographics during specific times of the day.

6. Connecting content to other in-store media.

This is an important part, get this right and every where a customer looks they will see your branding. From the receipt to what kind of music is played in-store. This way you easily brand your business and this is quickly recognised by consumers.

7. Don’t forget the shoppers.

Give them an experience the engage with and you will have them coming back for more. They will also tell their family and friends and they too will want to try and interact with the digital signage.

8. Have fun.

One of the most important points to remember is to have fun! If your advertisements are informative and entertaining it will be a success.

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