Waterproof LCD & Plasma enclosures supplied to Texas.

In January 2009, LCD Enclosures Global won a contract to supply weatherproof LCD enclosures to one of America’s leading dairy farms, their requirement was to deploy LCD displays in the production area, however they also wanted to use the LCD televisions for two applications;

1. To show the production figures in the milking area
2. Utilise the system for digital signage.

The Challenges in deploying LCD TV’s in wash down areas.

Micro Dairy needed a solution that could be washed down at the end of every shift, whilst protecting the digital signage system; they also wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place in both the office areas and reception areas either.

Also to make the project more interesting, the LCD enclosure had to cope with extreme temperatures from -20 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, something other LCD enclosure manufacturers struggled finding a suitable and affordable solution for.

The Solution.

LCD Enclosures Global provided an IP65 solution that exceeded the NEMA 4X standard. The unit was to accommodate a small factor PC along with a 50” LCD display, these were coated in corporate colours and installed in offices and reception areas that displayed the products the dairy manufactured, perfect for showcasing the products in the best possible way to visiting dignitaries.

The enclosure was fitted with a special SmartTube for cooling/heating, this worked via a thermostat that was located inside the enclosure and an LED display built into the side of the enclosure controlled the temperature. Once the internal temperature was set, irrelevant of the external temperature the LCD display and thin client were kept at a constant temperature.

The SmartTube worked from a compressed air feed that originally on site, no moving parts are in the smart tube so there is no maintenance or any components to wear out unlike air conditioning. It was also 63% less than the lowest price we had for a similar air conditioning solution.

What the future holds?

Once Micro Dairy had deployed the system, they invited the rest of their global group of companies to come and visit their new state of-the-art production facility in Texas, this included many from America, Australia, Europe and Israel.

LCD Enclosures Global had been pre-warned of the “corporate open day” and were told to expect some serious enquires. Within 24 hours, they had quoted for multiples of 50 off units for waterproof LCD enclosure, these were to be shipped to Australia, America, Europe and Israel.

Production was started.

Then when LCD Enclosures Global received the first orders for Israel a dedicated production run was set up, to ensure all the delivery dates were met.

Yet another succesful contract won by LCD Enclosures Global – anything else is a compromise.

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