Marketing Suite Digital Signage For Your Development?

Marketing suite digital signage.

Marketing suite digital signage is becoming popular on property developments, these high tech module marketing suites are designed to give the potential property buyers an idea of the finish and quality of the development.

What is a marketing suite?

Marketing suites are a modular building that is erected on site and used to demonstrate the quality of the build, provide plans for prospective investors to purchase off plan at a more cost effective price. These modular buildings used to be ugly portacabins, but now they are luxuriously appointed with digital graphics on the outside of the suite and inside are some high end fittings all branded with the developers logo. These suites are used in education, public and the private sector as they can be dismantled and reused on future developments. The only things that need to change is the development images on the outside of the advertising hoardings.

Why use marketing suite digital signage?

As the development is high profile, the price tag of some developments will be higher than the average house purchase especially in London. So give a better idea of the layout the graphics used for digital printing of the outside of the marketing suite can also be utilised through interactive digital signage.

marketing suite digital signageEverything can be loaded onto the the touch screen units, clients can see the layouts of the developments and if they wish they can make changes to a plan when buying off plan, using digital signage the amendments can be then emailed along with the new layout to the investor for reference once a deposit has been received.

interactive digital signage

Digital signage comes in all ranges, wall mounted and floor standing, so mixing them up in a marketing suite is idea, this will enable at least 2 or three buyers to see exactly what the development has to offer at the same time. Without having to wait for someone to answer their questions and potentially put a prospective buyer off making a purchase, there are many benefits of marketing suite digital signage.

Also digital signage can add a wow factor to the development, as the advertising content from the developer can be displayed on LFP (Large Format Panels), showing what a show home looks like and the gardens around the development will buffer them from being in the centre of a city such as London.

Advertising hoardings around the development add a barrier so pedestrians do not get injured from anything on the building site, but also adds an additional visible pleasing aspect to the development. These can be printed with the mission statement of the developer, plans and even artist impressions what the development will look like when complete.

So the impressive external of the building is mirrored with the high tech interior of the marketing suite with the electronic signage. It does appear that more entrepreneurial developers are turning to marketing suite digital signage to add to their arsenal of sales tools.

For more information and specification for hardware used in marketing suite digital signage give us a call today!

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