LCD Menu Board – For The Modern QSR.

An LCD menu board reduces Line Queues Quickly

An LCD menu board can be used in any quick serve restaurant, to inform and educate customers whilst at the same time up sell menu items.

LCD menu board – the applications used for.

These LCD menu board solutions are being deployed in most QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) and are helping to move the line queue faster, as customers can see the food on offer and can make an informed decision on which food to order, as now these display the calorie values of each food item.

These kind of LCD menu board provides both information and educates the consumer on how many calories they are consuming per day, in the hope of reducing obesity throughout the world, whilst displaying very tempting food in high definition.

Two types of LCD menu board.

LCD menu board

There are two main types of LCD menu board, these are a standalone unit and a network enabled unit, this is how the advertising content is updated. The standalone solution has to be manually updated at the beginning of every business day if daily updates are done, however if the QSR has several of these LCD menu board units the most cost effective solution would be to use a network enabled LCD menu board solution, as these can be all controlled from one central location where the content is uploaded to the digital signage network.

The initial cost saving with buying a standalone LCD menu board is off set with the additional labour costs of a member of staff updating the content each day. The network enabled LCD menu board can even have all the content updated on a weekend and the updates to be scheduled to occur when the restaurant opens.

New Federal Bill – Increases LCD menu board demand.

The USA earlier this year passed a bill stating that all menus must have the calories displayed in the same colour font and font size as the original food description any QSR not complying would be fined, this bill was passed to reduce obesity in the USA and therefore the demand from Quick Serve Restaurants has increased dramatically.

Previously QSR’s have used printed menus and light boxes, this outdated solution is costly to reprint with the new information as well as restricting the restaurant from advertising and promoting specials, however using an LCD menu board this can be done in a matter of seconds. A special menu product for example for Christmas could be created within 5 minutes and live for customers to purchase the Holiday special.

LCD Enclosure Global Ltd specialise in manufacturing digital signage enclosures as well as supplying a wide range of standalone and network enabled LCD menu board solutions.

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